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Meditation has been a powerful tool, enabling Susie to increase her awareness when treating clients. She currently shares her knowledge on detox retreats where she works as a therapist. Visit here for more details.

Here is an informative article she wrote for a magazine.

"Imagine a life where you accepted all your emotions and felt at peace in your centre. Where you experienced and appreciated the moments in between the dates in the diary or specific tasks, living everyday to the full. Experiencing life with all the senses given to you as a human being, rather than being governed by the mind. Meditation is a fantastic tool to help you attain the above. It is so simple, yet incredibly powerful. When you make it a part of your life, you gradually become much more in tune with the thoughts that are useful to you in the given moment, and those that are causing unnecessary suffering. Your intuitive intelligence can become much stronger, enabling you to make choices that are most beneficial to you and you will find that your inner world becomes much more calm, quiet and spacious. The act of meditating can take on many forms. The practice I follow is loosely connected to Theravada Buddhism but need not be connected to any belief, some people say that buddhism is a science of the mind. It is simply a tool that allows you to be awake, aware and conscious of your life. This inevitably allows you to have greater understanding and appreciation of the incredible, complex beauty of the world.‚Äč "

If you would like to explore meditation, below are some links to wonderful places and teachers. 

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