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Balancing Eastern and Western healing traditions

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Holistic therapies in Bristol

At The Body Space clinic you can focus on the wellbeing of your body and mind, choosing from a variety of holistic therapies balancing Eastern and Western healing traditions to bring about inner health. 

Susie Hampshire has been a professional bodywork therapist since 1999, working at a wide range of settings including hospitals, detox retreats, centres for the elderly, festivals, film sets, and on a cruise ship. Susie is highly qualified in holistic, sports and deep tissue massage and uses traditional and advanced reflexology techniques. Susie has also created her own signature organic facial massage, which works on a deep level to create inner wellbeing. A very popular treatment is to combine all of the above therapies in a 90 minute treatment where your body senses and mind can totally let go, re-balance and relax. All of the above treatments can be tailored to safely treat you if you are more than three months pregnant, helping alleviate symptoms like back-ache, swelling, tiredness and digestive complaints.  To find out more about Susie click here.

"I've had many massages by excellent therapists around the world - Susie is one of the very best. She's skilled, understands anatomy and has a strong instinct. Her fingers always find the right place. I can't recommend her enough."

Jane McElhorne

​"I experienced Susie's massages during a detox, and her firm but kind touch was very welcome. I am extremely fussy with my massage, preferring firm and deep to anything else, and found Susie's one of the best I'd ever had."
Caroline Sylger-Jones  
​Author of Body & Soul Escapes (Footprint, 2007),  
Director of